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Sophie Ann Tootelian aka “Sophie Coyote'' is a singer/ songwriter from the small mid-western town of Waddam’s Grove, Illinois. Born in a one hundred and twenty year old farm house on seven acres of land surrounded by rolling fields. She was raised on a broad range of musical influences that include Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Johnny cash and many more. This open mind of influence has led to a songwriting style that is reminiscent of the raw and honest age of music; lyrically driven with interesting stories and unique twists and word-play.  

  Her recently released live recorded E.P. titled “Indigo Child” features 6 of her original songs. The E.P. was recorded in Lena, Illinois on a single microphone with raw single-take acoustic tracks showcasing Sophie’s songwriting talents as well as her unique vocal stylings. “Indigo Child is the barebones of my art, wait until you hear my songs with full production,” Coyote says.


The E.P. propelled her into the regional music scene with a full schedule of performance dates around and throughout the midwest. Sophie is also beginning pre-production for her first full length album titled “Waddam’s Grove” set to release in 2024.

There isn’t another artist on the scene currently that so humbly delivers such a quality and complete package.

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